Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dragon Age 2: First Impressions

So I received my copy of Dragon Age II yesterday, and I figured I'd share with you guys my first impressions. Expect a full review once I feel like I have explored enough to share one.

Combat: Way improved. It feels fluid and smooth, not slow and clunky at times like DA: Origins did. Abilities actually seem to mean something this time around, and they're all very distinct visually.
UI: Vastly improved. Inventory system was completely overhauled (thank science)... everything is smooth and clean. The whole menu experience has become streamlined now, and pleasant to look at. Talents and abilities are laid out in a much more sensible manor, and actually make sense to look at.
Characters: Right off the bat, I immediately loved the characters I'm dealing with here. It seems like they've received much more effort to become believable, and I actually cared what they had to say. The new 'speech wheel' they stole from mass effect was a huge improvement as well. Also, having a main character that actually speaks makes the experience infinitely better.

As for the story, I'm not far in, so I can't rightfully comment, but from everything I've seen, I'm impressed.

That's all for now, expect a full review later!


Banacek said...

I'm waiting for potential bugs to be addressed before I buy it. People are complaining about the story but I guess I'll see when I play it.

elexerdelex said...

Looking forward to the full review!

Tasty said...

!@#$ I wish I could get DA2.. I loved the first one soo much.

One day though, one day... :)

Isaac said...

Sounds awesome, gonna pick it up today

Mister Sharaf said...

great post

DDX said...

Are you playing it on PC or console?

It runs like crap on my PC in DX11 mode, so I'm waiting for a patch or new drivers before I can play it properly.

From what I've seen though, they've turned the game into Mass Effect with Dragons. I guess to cater to the console audience. Which is fine I guess, but I would have liked a bit more complexity.

Also really miss the Neverwinter Nights style camera. It's harder to setup battles tactically now.

Thatoneguy said...

Now I want to get this game.

Chuck said...

Sounds like a ton of improvements thus far. Keep posting and let us know how the story progresses. :)

Monki said...

I think this game is pretty good, compared to origins.

Chris said...

I just cant wait for this game to be released!

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