Thursday, December 23, 2010

Be A Man, Man.(Part 1)

I decided to do something a little different than a piece of news tonight. This one is for the guys, so ladies you'll have to wait for my next installment.

This is for you guys out there that haven't quite figured 'life' out yet, and face the struggle of being a 'beta' in this society. Before you dismiss this as common ramblings you've heard a million times, take a moment to realize the weight of the words and you might actually take something away.

For the too long didn't read bunch, sorry guys, but here's a picture of Jeff Bridges.

Also, depending on how this is received, I may elaborate on more 'Alpha' things you can do with a follow up post in the coming days.

So without further adieu,


First step you need to realize is nobody is born an alpha male. While our genes and upbringing do have an influence, what ultimately decides who is an alpha and who isn't is simple; attitude.

Alpha males don't just wake up in the morning and flick a switch and go into 'alpha mode'. Being alpha is something you consciously (and eventually subconsciously) do every time you are faced with an obstacle or challenge. Listen up, because this is what you need to read. The difference between an alpha and a beta can ultimately be boiled down to how they handle themselves when faced with obstacles.

A beta male faced with a problem he doesn't fully understand reacts in  the following ways;

He lashes inward, attacking himself and instead of trying to find a solution, questions what he possibly could have done to instigate such an issue to begin with.

He lashes outward, at the environment or the people around him, either emotionally or physically, out of anger or confusion, blaming others for his problem instead of searching for a solution.

The most common mistake guys make is assuming that beta's are all pacifists and wimps, and alpha are these mean angry dudes that beat everyone down for their position on top. This couldn't be further from the truth. What makes an alpha is a guy who is in complete control of his emotions, and doesn't let them sway his decisions. A man who is confident that he can resolve an issue isn't going to get angry or sad, because he knows things will work out. Or, if the situation doesn't work out, he realizes he's still alive and still capable of pushing forward afterward. A man who's unsure or weak will lash out and react badly because he doesn't have confidence that he can conquer the problem.

So, big walls of text aside, what do you need to do to start becoming an alpha?

You can do this at any point in your life regardless of your current state. Jobless? Friendless? No girlfriend? Doesn't matter. Stop making excuses, stop blaming others around you, realize that every single person, regardless of how weak and pathetic they may seem, has a fighting spirit inside of them that is capable of success. You cannot expect to be 'awesome' and have an awesome job, girlfriend, and lots of friends, without having to fight for it first. When I say 'fight for it' I don't mean being faced with hard times in your life that you survived through. Passively laying their and curling up in a ball while life's problems pass you by doesn't count. You need to first consciously make the choices and tackle each and every issue you are faced with head on, and realize that failure is going to happen, regardless of how much you try, but learning and growing from it instead of crying about it or blaming those around you is what separates the lambs from the lions.


Castor Troy said...

very good read, thank you.

Vapor said...

I like where this is going.

Major.Mack said...

well geeze, i guess now i have to be a MAN

NooG said...

that is some of the best advice one can get... you have to be proactive, not moping around feeling sorry for yourself. great post

Mister Sharaf said...

GREAT post

Buckaroopopcorn said...

An alpha male is someone who leads and doesn't look back to see if anyone is following.

Tango Anglo said...

Now you're a man!
a man, man, man!!!!!

Billy said...

Great post, man. A firm belief in self goes a long way in affecting how the world perceives you.

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

Can you boil that down into 4 lines for a Hallmark "Happy Manday" card?

Monster Madness said...

I bet a lot of people can learn from this post. Good job!

Jonathan Mora said...

read the release notes.


koshercub said...

Yeah im usually a guy who is out of the way and in a corner when dealing with people so I'll be sure to try out what you said.

Oli H said...

Ive read similar stuff to this but for those this is new to it is very good advice, take note.

MikeyB said...

haha nice

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