Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eve Online Incursion

Hey Guys, I don't play Eve Online all that much anymore... but I may start back up again after reviewed some of the new Incursion features. From the website, check them out:

What do you guys think? Opinions?

Character Creation System – Re-invent Yourself
Take command of EVE Online's powerful new Carbon-based technology that allows you to sculpt and shape your entire character with unprecedented precision and detail. Create a new you with the new character creation system.

Sansha's Nation has set its sights on the capsuleers, posing the greatest NPC threat ever seen this side of wormhole space. Objective-based missions, Sleeper-like AI, new enemies, and constellation-wide consequences make the Sansha's Nation Incursionsone of the most challenging and ominous threats capsuleers have faced to date

New Sansha Pirate NPCs
To take on the capsuleers, Sansha's Nation trained a deadly new army. Don't let the new coat of paint on those Phantasms and Nightmares fool you - there's Sleeper AI and several other nasty surprises programmed into those beasts. Expect to encounter enemies with advanced ships and deadlier weapons, more defined roles, and unexpectedly clever tactics.

New Sansha Combat Ships
The Nation didn't just stop at paint and tactics. Prepare to be greeted by Supercarriers and Fighter-bombers among the Nation ranks. The Sanshas' new floating fortresses, purportedly known as "Revenant," are highly prized by the Nation, but rumors abound that their blueprints are not as closely guarded as one would expect.

Environment System Effects 
Sansha's Nation brings devastating constellation-affecting technology, crippling active modules and weapons in use. The stronger their forces, the stronger their ability to tilt the war in their favor. Defeat them and restore the balance.

Council of Stellar Management (CSM)
Many suggestions and recommendations from the CSM have made their way into Incursion, including:
• The meta level of items now display in item detail list views
• Probes can now be toggled in the overview
• Players with POS Gunner roles will now receive notifications about control towers when they are under attack
• MWD and afterburner now have different icons
• Corp deliveries can now be sorted according to distance in jumps and filtered by location (region)

Ordnance Overhaul
Improved design puts rockets back in demand as new bonuses to velocity and damage increase their effectiveness against frigate-class ships. Tech 2 ammunition users will find penalties now reduced on several types of short range charges. The firepower of the Caldari Hawk was revisited as well, and it now packs a bigger per level punch when using kinetic damage missiles.

Agents Secure New Ways to Keep You Busy
Mission runners will find 40 new missions have been added to the system, including over 20 important Level 4 storyline adventures to embark on.

Planetary Interaction Evolves
Planet-side engineers collaborated to construct a more efficient and flexible colony maintenance system. Planetary Interaction now sports a new interface, upgradable command centers and a greatly improved Extraction system.

A New Lair for the TQ Beast
Server migration of the Tranquility (TQ) servers brings better network connectivity, fewer intermediary devices and increased capacity to EVE Online.

Fleet Jumping Accelerated
Low layer changes improve jumping into heavy battles. Jumps now complete faster, resulting in less wait and more combat for all involved.

Fighter Bombers Take One for the Team
Participants in large fleet battles will see improvements in performance and stability as visual changes to fighter bomber missiles drastically reduce CPU load.

Upgraded Server Hardware
Recent tests of new HS22 Blade Server hardware allowed a record-breaking 2023 players to pack into Jita.

The Thin Client is Born
Recently designed for internal testing and bug hunting, the Thin Client has proven its worth on the battlefield by helping to pinpoint issues in congested and combat-heavy systems. Several of the bugs identified have already been tracked down and stomped out, creating noticeable improvement in high-traffic systems.

Module Performance Improvements
Combat pilots, especially in large fleet battles, will experience a more responsive system as a result of resource gains from module optimization.

Client Customization
New functionality has been introduced to the EVE client, making for a more enjoyable internet spaceship experience. Smooth things out with new total anti-aliasing options now available in the settings menu. Set your perfect view of the universe; the height and width of your windowed client can now be controlled with a simple drag of a border. Keyboard shortcut editing is now easier with a more intuitive and organized configuration screen.

EVE Gate Enhanced
Connect and communicate with the new features and functionality that Incursion brings to EVE Gate, including integrated contact labels, EVE Gate localization to Russian and German, a rich text editor, and public profiles.

New Forums to EVE Gate
Read about the hottest topics and latest events in the new full-featured forum system, now integrated directly into EVE Gate.

EVE Gate gets EVE Voice
EVE Voice extends beyond the client and into your browser. EVE Gate now allows true voice communication with your in-game teammates even when you aren't in-game.

NPC AI Gets an IQ Boost
Incursion injects more intelligence and more tactics into NPCs. Look forward to encountering smarter and craftier denizens.

Noctis, the Dedicated Salvager 
Dock that old destroyer and strap into a Noctis, the brand new salvage monster from ORE. Featuring 5% bonus to Salvage and Tractor Beam cycle times, a roomy 8/2/3 module capacity and a time saving 60% increase in Tractor Beam range this is one workhorse every salvager is going to be looking to get their hands on. Blueprints and ships will both be available on the market at select stations.

Faction Ships Now Available on the Market
Rare frigates, cruisers and battleships have made their way to the open market. Players now have more choices in where they buy, sell and search for their favorite faction ships.

CONCORD Sets Up Shop
The shelves are stocked and the doors have opened to CONCORD's new Loyalty Point Store, established to reward those pilots who rise up and repel the Sansha scourge.


Vapor said...

I tried getting into EVE a couple of years ago, but it just didn't do it for me.

Sugar said...

sugar just visited you..;)

MarkoManager said...

Lovely post, very interesting, i follow your blog...

Prof said...

Boy I wish I had the time to play online.... I wish I was back in my college days!!!

great post bro... i love visiting your blog often

Evan said...

never played EVE, looks like it has a lot of depth though

Major.Mack said...

This looks pretty complex, never tried EVE

Anonymous said...

you put a nice post today!

Hiphop Rising said...

EVE is actually a pretty good game

Imensha said...

I played EVE a few years ago with some friends. It was fun for a while; but when learning a skill started taking weeks to complete and I couldn't do much else than mine stuff, it got boring.

Das Auto! said...

surprisingly, i had never heard about this until now. sounds pretty interesting, but computer games aren't really for me.

Come At Me Bro said...

Nice game!

Teutorix said...

sounds good, never tried EVE and i hope Incursion wil be more newbie friendly.

Anonymous said...

cool post ! i like it, wach my blog to.

ImmaFrog said...

that's a good game, sir

Matt123 said...

Eve is legit a great game. If I had the time to play and mmo, I would. Over wow as well. So indepth.

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