Saturday, November 27, 2010

Justin Bieber, Curse on Society?

I'm sorry, but I think he's just way too popular for his own good. I suppose when I was growing up, I had the blight of the Backstreet Boys and Nsync on society, but this guy just seems like a complete fraud to me. And the level of obsession that is created has elevated him to almost cult-like status is a little ridiculous.

Wake up everyone. This is not the next usher, this is some suburban white boy who tries to sing R&B music. I know this is common knowledge to us intelligent people, but then why is this guy as big as he is?

Meh, I guess he'll have his time in the spotlight until some other nobody comes along.


Major.Mack said...

Agreed this guy is a HO

Prof said...

PLEASE check out the south park episode where he gets destroyed by CTULHU!

ThatGuy said...

I agree totally. Hate to say it but 12 year old girls have parents with money.

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