Friday, November 12, 2010

Kinect... Did I Connect?

So I got my hands on Kinect finally and I thought I'd share my experience with it.

So did I connect with Kinect?

Short Answer: 
Not really.

Long Answer:
This could change. I feel like the technology is still too new, too 'rushed'. That being said, there is room for Microsoft to grow this technology and potentially make it bloom at some point, but that point isn't now, or even soon. Just getting Kinect working was tedious. Based on the distance of where you're standing, you'll either get no response at all, constant errors, or if it's in the 'right spot' you'll get lucky and it'll work. However, based on the set up of your living room the 'right spot' could be the wrong one for you.

Navigating through the dashboard is more tedious than convenient, having a delay before your hand gets recognized when you're selecting something. The voice recognition works relatively well, but there are a few very annoying things such as not being able to back out of the Kinect hub, or open the disc tray when there's already a disc in.

How do the games play?

Kinect adventures plays how'd you'd expect. It was the only game I could get my hands on at this time, but it was fun none-the-less. Think of Kinect in this manner as Wi 2.0. The motion controls work a lot better than my experiences with the Wii, and of course, in HD, the games look a lot crisper. That being said, there's nothing more than gimmicks here sadly. Nothing worth investing time into... unless of course your goal is to be exhausted afterwards, because that is something Kinect Adventures does that.

Kinect feels rushed. It's not a finished product in it's current state, and therefore I won't be getting it. However, I will be paying attention to the Kinect scene, as there is potential for it to redeem itself.



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