Wednesday, November 24, 2010

World War 3?

World War III? Is it a possibility?

Me and some friends were discussing the different scenarios that could go down in these tense times. If you've been living under a rock, North Korea began a barrage on South Korea on Monday night, instigating a conflict that was supposed to be resolved many years ago. Now US and South Korean troops have mobilized in South Korea to respond to any further attacks. The US is urging China to encourage North Korea to back down.

If North Korea and South Korea go to a full-out war, a serious of events could go down pulling many more countries in, leading to a possible WW3. How? Well, China/Russia are both allies to North Korea. Both have nukes and large armies. There is a lot of debate that China wouldn't risk a war with the US, and of course the US have many nukes, and a huge amount invested in their army. Also, the US has several very strong allies. That being said, at this stage its hard to say what will happen. What is safe to say though is if North Korea doesn't back down, bombs are going to drop, lots of them. This isn't like a conflict in Afghanastan or Iraq that can be generally ignored by the public, this is global on a BIG level.

Lets hope for the best!


Prof said...

I feel terrible for the people in North Korea having to take all that crap from their dictatorship.

South Korea should not put up with that crap tho... they need to man up.

Monster Madness said...

Yeah I think ww3 is a possibility but one should also keep in mind that we live in the most peaceful time, even though the media bombard us with war everyday.

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