Thursday, November 18, 2010

TSA- Police, or Tyrants?

This is a curious topic for many people. People say their freedoms are being fringed upon... that their privacy is at stake. I do definitely understand this perspective. Anytime regulations passed that can infringe upon peoples rights, in any way, there's a pretty big uproar- and for good reason.

That being said, I say I do have to disagree in this particular case.

The truth is, being 'scanned' and having your 'naked body' revealed may seem very invasive.. and I'm sure under some perspectives it is. That being said, prior to this technology, there was convenient sure-fire way to ensure weapons were not being smuggled on to planes. While metal detectors are nice, they aren't flawless. Anything small enough or made from a substance not containing metal would easily pass through airport security and not be flagged.

There comes a point where I just think that 5 minutes of 'exposure' and 'infringement' may be worth the safety this sort of technology brings to the table. Do you really think the same people advocating against this would share the same enthusiasm should they be part of a plane hijacking? (out of the ordinary, but still possible).

Myself, being comfortable in my skin, I don't have a problem if Johnny Security Guard gets a look at the outlines and shapes of my body, if it means my flight will be safe and without any kind of risk of a safety breach. I really think there are bigger fish to fry out there when it comes to advocating for human rights- the patriot act as just an example of this.

Please remember this is my opinion, and certainly not fact- and I definitely understand why some people may not share the same view as me.


ThatGuy said...

My airport just got these last month which is a surprise because one of the 9/11 planes were hijacked from there

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