Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be A Man, Man (Part 3)

While I normally look to Jeff Bridges for my manly inspiration, I thought Wikus Van De Merwe was a better example for tonights episode.

Step 1) Go watch District 9, then proceed to step 2.

Step 2) The reason I want you to watch this, is because its a great example of my point tonight . That point is simple .

Learn to embrace your inner warrior.

You all have a warrior inside you waiting to be unleashed. No matter who you are, where you're from, its there. It may be under layers of coward, but you cannot defeat your inner instict. It's the same instinct that drives you to chase women  even though they likely piss you off more often than not.

Let me ask you something... Have you ever wondered how thieves can steal, murderers can murder, and rapists can rape... Yet still go home and sleep at night?

These are all elements of your inner warrior that we ALL have... It's why you get the dark thoughts in the back of your mind... "I want to steal that..." "I want to beat that guy to death."

The thief steals, to survive. To feed him or his family, to release great struggle he's most likely been facing most of his life.  Survival is the strongest instict we have. [Survival]

The murderer kills to satisfy a thirst for blood... a thirst for violence. This is actually the most basic of all of the warrior urges. However violence and murder is just a means to survival. [Fight]

The rapist  rapes to fufill the primal instinct to reproduce, whether the recipient  likes it or not [Reproduction]

Despite what you may think, these are the most natural "feelings" a man can have... Survival, Fight, and Reproduction. You may think these don't apply in our modern society, but they very much do. When you strip every single one of us down to our hard coded cores, we are the same warrior cave men we were at the dawn of the human kind.

In fact, what our 'modern society' has lead to is a bunch of ball-less passive aggressive beta's and a handful of delusional wanabe alpha's.

We're told that these emotions and instincts (the most natural of them all) are wrong and evil.

Well enough...

I say end the sherade today, embrace your inner warrior that has existed the second oxygen entered your lungs... Stop getting walked on by women and fake alphas, become a REAL man and begin living your REAL life.

How? You don't have to steal, murder and rape, but you need to realize your inner urges and embrace them.

Survival. Society trains you to always put others first, to let the nearest person run a train on you whenever they feel like, then appologize  to them for not bringing scented lube. Stop that. You are not a servant or a samaratan. Stop looking out for everyone else first and worry about YOU. People will inevitably let you down and you die alone. Realize that you are your own best ally in life and worry about you, everyone else (even your family/friends) have their own ally too. Let them worry about them. Society tells us that's selfish, but society also elected George Bush, and actually lets Sarah Palin talk on international television. Instinct knows best. This isn't to say be an asshole, it just means make sure you are always taken care of, then worry about everyone else.

Fight. Stop being a spineless loser and realize that you're not made of glass, and that most of your body is engineered for fighting. Lift weights, go to the gym, learn self defense, learn a fighting style... And when somone tries to fight you, whether you think you can win or not, FIGHT them. It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees. Nobody remembers the guy who escaped the fight and died in his bed of old age. This feels great, and you won't know it till you do it. This comes in very useful a LOT, and if you're smart you shouldn't ever have to fight.

Reproduce. Monogamy is the biggest form of bullshit man has ever invented since religion. Everything in our hard coding is against one partner. You do not have a soulmate. She is not special. She had desirable  traits that you'd like to pass onto an offspring. Anything else you attach to it is just as make believe as the man who lives in the sky and throws thunderbolts at you if you don't sacrifice a lamb every Wednesday afternoon. The only reason we are able to partner off (and stay partnered) is because as we get older, the chances of finding another desireable mate are significantly reduced and therefor illogical instinctually. It IS natural to have many partners in your lifetime. There is no "one" there is simply a point where it becomes inefficient to keep looking, and more efficient to reproduce with a single partner. When those lines meet, you have found your "one". Some meet earlier than others. If you force this, you will break up. Why? Because its in your body's best interest to look for another (or more partners) females have very similar urges. Society has bullshitted you since birth, it's time for you to wake up. I'm not saying only look for sex, I'm just saying have fun. If it happens, it happens. If you have to try real hard and force it, it's not going to work.

So, if you can stop buying into the bs, and start following your inner instincts, you will be well on your way to becoming a real warrior... A real alpha... A real man.

Also, I know I haven't mentioned it once, but if you read this, and watch the movie, you will understand how the two relate.


Cheddar Wizard said...

I don't get it...but it reminds me of the Mulan song "Be a Man".

Das Auto! said...

district nine was an awesome movie

Smile said...

Learn to embrace your inner warrior, i find that very inspiring

Telia Tuli said...

I'm pumped after reading this post.
I wanna beat up someone or something!

Al Frances said...

But going to the gym is so hard! I wish I had the motivation to get ripped and use my powers for bad, but I simply don't. :(

Zoe said...

I really need to watch District 9 :(

Mr. Insanium said...

That was a freaking awesome read dude, well done. Monogamy is pure BS, you are not wrong there

Teutorix said...

District 9 is the best movie ever.
On another note, you are right about the natural feelings a man can have. This post really inspired me, keep up the great job!

Tsipise said...

I must warn you there will be some disadvantages in your ideal society. But I agree with the "no bullshit-no nonsense approach.

BTN Hip Hop said...

im alpha bro

G said...

Interesting post - personally I don't think all urges acted on....but there's a lot of truth in what you say - be a MAN not a doormat!

Isaac said...

I love that movie :)

Doo said...

Love the movie, Love the character, Love this writing you did here! Cheers!

P.S. I have a mini review of District 9 if anyone is interested :)

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