Monday, January 10, 2011

Cook Like A Man, Man

This is a new segment of my blog I hope to update on a weekly basis.

This is for all you guys out there who want to impress the lady folk with a damn good meal while not looking like a pansy while doing it.

Also, this is a great meal to just make for yourself, because it kicks ass.

So without further adieu, this is my recipe to make;

Rib Eye Steak with a Whiskey Cream Sauce

****I will upload my pic of what the finished product looks like sometime tomorrow (trust me, it's awesome)****

This meal feeds 2. You will be stuffed. This is easy to make, and pretty much anyone can do this if you can follow instructions.


2 Rib Eye Steaks

2 Diced Onions 

5 Tablespoons of Butter

Salt and Pepper

1/4 Cup of Light Cream

1/4 Cup of Whiskey (Your choice, taste matters, alcohol content doesn't)

1/4 Cup of Beef Broth

Some Flour (Just in Case)


  • Put 2 Tablespoons of Butter in a frying pan, put the plate onto medium heat.
  • You need to occasionally swish it around in the pan, so the bottom of the pan gets coated with melted butter
  • While the butter is melting, dice up 2 onions (into little bits)
  • Throw 3 Tablespoons of Diced Onion into the pan, once the butter is melted, make sure you're on medium heat.
  • Let the onion get soft and browned, (usually about 4-5 minutes)
  • Turn the burner off. (This is important)
  • Pour in the 1/4 Cup of Whiskey. It is important that the pan is hot enough when you do this.
  • Let the whiskey evaporate for a few minutes, if it's not evaporating, you can put the burner on low-medium heat. If you still have a lot, you can pour some of it out. There should still be a little left in the pan, but not much.
  • Turn the burner back on to medium
  • Throw in 1 Tablespoon of Butter
  • Pour in the 1/4 Cup of Beef Broth after the butter is melted
  • Wait till the mix begins to bubble, then count out 30 seconds.
  • After 30 seconds, slowly pour in the 1/4 Cup of Cream
  • Stir Occasionally (Once every 30 Seconds or so)
  • Let the mix cook for 4-6 minutes on medium heat, then turn the burner to low.
  • Turn another burner onto Medium.
  • Throw 2 Tablespoons of Butter into a different frying pan, then the 2 Ribeye Steaks after the butter is melted.
  • Generously salt and pepper both sides. Cook the steaks on both sides, it's about 4-6 minutes on each side for medium rare, but you're the judge.
  • By the time your steaks are nearing done, your sauce should now have thickened. If your steaks are almost ready, and your sauce is still runny and broth-like, you can do 1 of 2 things (I needed to on my first time) you can A) add a tablespoon of more cream, or B) add a teaspoon of flour. If you add the flour, you have to make sure to THOROUGHLY mix the sauce. You also should put the burner back up to medium heat, as the heat helps thicken the sauce. You may need to do both A and B.
  • Your sauce won't be 'thick' but it shouldn't be like pure liquid either. Either way though, it should taste awesome.
  • Prepare your steaks nicely on 2 plates, with a side of your choice (I recommend potato skins, a recipe I'll post next week probably), and then spoon the sauce on generously (more=better)
  • Prepare to be someone's new favorite person.
  • Profit.


Vapor said...

I'll be trying this later in the week, it sounds delicious!

Zoey said...

Great recipe, I'll try it sometime!

DDX said...

Sounds Awesome, I'm going to try this one out this week.

Tango Anglo said...

Want to really cook like a man?
-Tenderize that steak by hanging it in the kitchen a speed bag that shit with your first for 20 minutes.
- Then take all that raw pepper and salt and grind it with your rock hard stubble!
- Onions make you cry? No way man! You make onions cry! Chop that shit like a man while chewing tobacco. It'll keep your pussy tears from showing.
- Drink half the whiskey, then flame kiss that bitch steak with a bit to get it going. No fancy french cooking here, if you were a real man you'd be doing this over a burning car with your steak on a spear!

There you go. Little tips to make you cook like a man. Dishes? That's woman's work.

Isaac said...

Nom nom nom sounds awesome

Speedy Ed said...


Horuss said...

looks tasty

Rawr said...

sounds good :D

JayPower said...

Mmmh, will definatly have to try it sometime ;D

BTN Hip Hop said...

looks really tasty, ill follow you. i gotta learn some recipes to impress

Doo said...

Nice recipe man :) cool blog too, following!

Solsby Kid said...

Completely agree, keep it MANLY!!

Mister Sharaf said...

this is great :)

Laughing Vault said...

im hungry now :/

NooG said...

I hope Canadian Mist will work as well as JD...

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

Could be a winner. I tried cooking steak one Valentine's Day. Set the oven on fire.

tigey said...

Good, will keep this, thanks

level85nerd said...

nice recipe, thanks

Les said...

Man that sounds fucking awesome. Pity we just had steak last night and don't have any left.

Josh said...

Looks like a good recipe

MikeyB said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah

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