Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cook Like A Man, Man (Part 2)

Welcome to the second episode of my "Cook Like a Man, Man"

If you gave last weeks shot a try, we made Rib-Eye Steak with a Whiskey Cream Sauce.

For that dinner, I also made potato skins but I didn't post the recipe.

However, that I will give to you today.

This is really easy to make, and only has a couple very common ingredients.

When to cook this:
  • If you have a date over at your place and you have other plans for dinner but want an awesome snack.
  • If you're hosting a get-together at your place and want an awesome snack.
  • If you're going to a friends party or whatever and you want to bring an awesome snack.
  • If you want to win over someone's unflinching awe-inspired loyalty.


8 Slices of Thick-Cut Bacon

8 Russet Potatoes (Yes, it matters what kind)

Canola Oil (Yes, it matters what kind)

1 & 1/2 Cups of Cheddar Cheese

1 Cup of Sour Cream

4 Green Onions (Chopped)



1. Preheat Oven to 400° F. (Make sure it's DONE preheating)

2. Fry the bacon. Don't let it get crispy, hard, or burnt. You want it cooked, nothing more, because you're going to chop it up.

3. Wash the potatoes (scrub them), then liberally rub the skin with canola oil. 

If you can, use a brush like this:

4. Place the potatoes on a baking pan and place them in the oven (on bake) for 45 minutes for an hour (check up on them at 45 minutes.) They need to be 'fork' tender (need to be able to easily stick a fork in them)

5. Take the potatoes out, and slice them in half lengthwise.

6. With a spoon, scoop out the inner flesh, leaving a thin layer inside. (don't scoop to the skin)

7. Brush both sides (the inside and out) of the potato skins with canola oil. Salt both sides liberally.

8. Place the skins cut side down on the pan and return to the oven.

9. Bake for 7 minutes, then flip them to the other side, then put them back in the oven for another 7 minutes, or until the skins are crispy.

10. Grate the cheddar.

11. Chop the bacon and green onions into bits.

12, Spread the cheese into each potato skin, sprinkle the bacon on top of the cheese.

13. Put the skins back into the oven just until it melts.

14. Just before serving, spoon 1 tablespoon of sour cream onto each skin and sprinkle on the bacon and chopped green onion.

15. Enjoy being someone's new favorite person.


Tah_Lehy said...

My o` my. I guess im off to kitchen now :p
Damn dude. I`m so hungry now :>

Randall A. said...

That Salt picture made the read all worth it, haha. Plus now I'm hungry, but too lazy to cook all this. I think I'll just go eat some chips. :P

Anyways, I'd like to discuss your blog further. E-mail me?

Can you return the favor, too? Blogograhper

bruno said...

looks tasty

Punk1119 said...

Anything involving bacon and potatoes gets an A in my book. If I was female, I would be all over you at this point.

Doo said...

Om nom nom

Damn you made me hungry now! Will try this out in the next few days for sure :)

TheDude748 said...

thanks for posting this recipe, I love potato skins :)

Zoey said...

I'll have to try this!

themoonlightmelonmounter said...

That looks fantastic.

ImmaFrog said...

Get that girl back to the kitchen and make her cook for you!

Isaac said...

I'm going to start ordering ALOT more salt on my food

Das Auto! said...

ive made something similar to this, and it was delicious! i used the same ingredients but prepared it differently. more posts like this!

Solsby Kid said...

Man this has made me hungry! GIEV FOOD

Teutorix said...

Angleina Jolie. Yumie.

Major.Mack said...

sounds good but that picture looks gross :(

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

Angelina Jolie + Bacon. Mmmmmm

Les said...

My god man, that looks awesome.

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